The Kurt Caselli Foundation: Race Weekend Recap

Monday, January 26, 2015 

The Kurt Caselli Foundation wrapped up a successful but busy weekend with three events in two countries. The KCF took on the SCORE San Felipe 250, Round One of the AMA Youth Hare & Hound Series and Round One of the AMA National Hare & Hound Series.


First up was the SCORE San Felipe 250 in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. Members of The KCF traveled to San Felipe on Thursday to be on hand for the pre race technical inspections and help SCORE educate riders and drivers on the proper use of their satellite tracking devices. The KCF also held a special 'motorcycle only' riders meeting to promote rider awareness and answer questions about the dangers faced during competition. For the fourth time in less than a year, The KCF had its official Opening Vehicle on hand to help clear the race course ahead of the lead motorcycles. We are well aware of the fact that racing accidents are sometimes unavoidable and unfortunately this event was no exception, however, The KCF is determined to analyze each of these incidents and work towards reducing risks outside of the rider's control.  


Saturday January 24th marked Round One of the 2015 AMA Youth Hare & Hound Series presented by The Kurt Caselli Foundation, in Johnson Valley, CA. The KCF Members were on hand to pass out high visibility bibs to each racer as well as hold a special youth racers clinic before the event. The Kurt Caselli Foundation is dedicated to supporting the future of off-road racing by helping to educate and protect these young racers well into the future.

When:  11/13/14

Where:  Baja, Mexico

Event:   Baja 1000

What we did:

  • Here is some great Go Pro footage of Robby Bell from the 2014 Baja 1000. At 4:08 in the video you can see Robby come around the corner and notice The Kurt Caselli Foundation heli flying very low. While sweeping for the lead bikes the heli noticed two horses in the road and flew low to scare them away and to let Robby know to be cautious.

When:  11/13/14

Where:  Baja, Mexico

Event:   Baja 1000

What we did:

  • It was a very tough week but when we started The Kurt Caselli Foundation, the goal was to make events safer for riders. In less than a years time the KCF has made huge strides with the support from all of Kurt's fans. We had many initiatives at this years Baja 1000 but the biggest being able to provide a pre sweep helicopter equipped with Dr. Alexander to follow the lead bikes and to provide any assistance needed. We feel we have made a big impact to make the sport safer and we hope you continue to support our efforts. Thank you!!!

When:  9/28/14

Where:  Park City, UT

Event:   Deer Valley Adventure & Dual Sport Rally

What we did:

  • Discussed rider safety ideas and standards with members of the Utah Sportsman Racing Association (USRA)
  • Attended Kurt Caselli Foundation charity auction to spread awareness of The Foundation’s mission 

When:  9/6/14

Where:  Murrieta, CA

Event:  SCORE Baja Series

What we did:

  • Developed Minimum Safety Standards for Areo Medivac support during Baja Races 
  • Worked with Rescue 3 and SCORE to plan the first ever Mid-Way Command Center for the Baja 1000 to provide rescue and medical support in the most remote areas of the race 

When:  8/27/14

Where:  Burbank, CA

Event:  National Hare & Hound (NHHA) Sponsor and Race Team Meeting

What we did:

  • Attended NHHA sponsor meeting to provide safety feedback to promoter for the upcoming race season 
  • Successfully lobbied to make key changes to series rules and class structure for the 2015 season to improve rider safety

When:  8/23/14

Where:  Panaca, NV

Event:  National Hare & Hound Round 8

What we did:

  • Observed race safety and provided feedback to promoter and hosting club
  • Attended Kurt Caselli Foundation charity auction to spread awareness of The Foundation’s mission 


When:  8/23/14

Where:  Salt Lake City, UT

Event:  AMA Pro Motocross National

What we did:

  • Sent two members of Rescue 3 to the Salt Lake MX National to work along side and share knowledge with the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit 
  • Rescue 3 members were trained on the proper use of the Eject System and the Asterisk Concussion Management Protocol 
  • Rescue 3 team shared information about off-road racing events with the Asterisk crew so that they can better understand the challenges faced by medical teams working at long distance off-road races  

When:  8/12/14

Where:  San Dimas, CA

Event:  NHHA Board Meeting

What we did:

  • Attended National Hare & Hound Association board meeting 
  • Successfully lobbied for the implementation of an Official Course Marshall to approve and help implement safety standards for all NHHA race courses for the 2015 season and beyond  

When:  7/20/14

Where:  Gorman, CA

Event:   Prospector’s SoCal Championship Series Motocross

What we did:

  • Attended Kurt Caselli Foundation charity auction to spread awareness of The Foundation’s mission

When:  7/2/14

Where:  Murrieta, CA

What we did: 

  • Developed a SPOT GPS tracking device holster in conjunction with Giant Loop Moto
  • Tested multiple prototypes and provided feedback to manufacture 
  • Standardized location of tracking devices to increase safety for riders 

When:  6/15/14

Where:  Murrieta, CA

Event:  Multiple 

What we did:

  • Produced “Race In Progress” and “Race Course Crossing” signs
  • The KCF is currently shipping signs to race promoters throughout the country including, NHHA, GXE District 37, AMRA, and MRAN 


When: 6/7/14

Where: Ensenada, Baja Mexico

Event: SCORE Baja 500

What we did: 

  • Conducted first ever motorcycle-only safety meeting
  • Helped motorcycle racers with SPOT tracking device mounting and any questions at Technical Inspection
  • Provided “Press Here” rescue stickers for SPOT devices on all motorcycles and ATVs
  • Provided two opening vehicles and one motorcycle to sweep the most populated and dangerous sections of the racecourse ahead of lead bike.  Swept total 103 miles of 447 mile course
  • Provided aerial support for the lead bike for the first 20 miles of the race 
  • Designed and tested a new SPOT device holster for motorcycles for secure mounting and easy access to the rescue buttons which worked well.  Will continue to develop this and release out to public soon
  • Studied and tested new tracking software and observed improvements in SCORE safety protocols

When: 5/30/14

Where: San Diego, CA

What we did:

  • Created a safety video explaining the proper use of SPOT tracking device during SCORE races and provided safety tips for new SCORE Baja motorcycle racers

When: 5/31/14

Where: Temecula, CA

Event: Fundraiser at Doffo Winery

What we did: 

  • Spread awareness of The Foundation to a non off-road community

When: 5/17/14

Where: Glen Helen, CA

Event: AMA Pro Motocross, Round 1

What we did:

  • Partnered with the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit and donated a new Sonos Military Spec Ultrasound machine to the Asterisk Medical Team
  • Through this new partnership, The Kurt Caselli Foundation will now have access to the best medical response team in off-road motorcycling. Led by John Bodnar M.D., the experience and expertise of the medical unit personnel provided to the U.S. Supercross and Motocross Teams can now be shared and implemented into off-road racing series in the future (See “news” for complete information)

When: 4/27/14

Where: Johnson Valley, CA

Event: National Hare & Hound, Round 5

What we did: 

  • Inspected the racecourse and studied what safety measures were in place
  • Suggested better standardized course markings and additional danger signs to road crossings and surrounding race area
  • Created “Race in Progress” and “Road Crossing Danger” signs to be distributed to Race Organizers

When: 4/26/14

Where: Plaster City, CA

Event: SCORE Plaster City 250

What we did: 

  • Provided one opening vehicle and motorcycle
  • Inspected the entire race course for any dangers
  • Studied more about SPOT tracking system functionality for desert racing

When: 3/1/14

Where: San Felipe, Baja Mexico

Event: SCORE San Felipe 250

What we did: 

  • Conducted rider safety meeting for motorcycle racers
  • Provided two opening vehicles to sweep the most populated and dangerous sections of the racecourse ahead of lead bike.  Swept 56 miles of 215 mile course
  • Implemented “time back” rule to encourage racer to stop to help injured racer
  • Studied the SPOT tracker functionality and safety protocols of SCORE race operation
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