Asphalt & Rubber Covers The 4th Annual MotoDoffo KCF Fundraiser

Asphalt & Rubber attended the 4th Annual MotoDoffo KCF fundraiser at Doffo Winery in Temecula, California on June 17, 2017 and featured it on their website. Thank you to Andrew Kohn of Asphalt & Rubber for covering the event and featuring it on the A&R website. See the link below for the full story & photos!

Image from Asphalt & Rubber

Conventional wisdom says that mixing wine with motorcycles is a bad idea, but in the case of last week’s 4th annual Kurt Caselli Foundation fundraiser at Doffo Winery in Temecula, California, it was a perfect pairing.
— Andrew Kohn, Asphalt & Rubber

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