The Kurt Caselli Foundation + Babes In The Dirt 4


Friday, April 20, 2018 — We are honored to announce that Kurt Caselli Foundation will be partnering with us for Babes in the Dirt 4 to provide an on-site ambulance throughout the weekend. We are so grateful to have the support of such an amazing organization!

Having an ambulance with 2 trained paramedics on site this year allows us to treat any minor injuries on site and ensure speedy treatment for any more serious injuries. They have also included yellow caution flags to flag any hazards on the track.  Thank you so much to KCF! We have listed some tips and tricks to keep you safe throughout the weekend and make sure that you don't get to meet the paramedics.

1. Ride your own ride! Make sure you are not riding over your head or on terrain that you are not comfortable on. 

2. The vast majority of trails at Hungry Valley are 2-way trails. Take the corners slow and keep an eye out for on coming bikes, buggies, jeeps etc.

3. Buddy system: never hit a trail on your own. Ride together to make sure everyone gets back to camp safely. 

4. Post your turns: If you are leading a ride, make sure to stop and wait at any fork in the road s that the rider behind you sees which direction you go. 

5. All the gear all the time! Proper riding gear can mean the difference between a broken bone and a light bruise. Gear up!

6. Stay hydrated


Kurt Caselli is among the most decorated off-road motorcyclist in history; his career highlights include three AMA National Hare and Hound National Championships, three championships in the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS), AMA Sportsman of the year in 2007, and multiple International Six Days Enduro medals. After Kurt's death in 2013, along with his mom, sister and fiancé The Kurt Caselli Foundation was established in his memory with the mission of “Protecting And Supporting The Lives Of Off-road Riders”.  To date, the Kurt Caselli Foundation has raised over $800,000 and set it’s goals on providing safety in 3 areas.

Our 3 prong MISSION is

  • Race Course and Race Safety Prior to an event.
  • Rider Safety During Events
  • Injury Management After

We also give away two scholarships per year to athletes that are looking forward to the next chapter in life in school.

Our 2018 Projected Safety Spend Goal is $120,000

Our latest initiative was donating this Kurt Caselli Safety Vehicle to the GNCC Racing Series to help medics get to riders quicker.

Equipped with:

  • S.O.S Back Board insert to quickly secure the rider.
  • Safety Lights
  • Radio Communications
  • Defibrillator
  • Immobile Vacuum Bodyboard



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